D&A Consulting & Solutions SL has established partnerships and collaborations with leading companies in different fields of predictive maintenance condition monitoring.


Prüftechnik SL: World leader in the development of laser alignment equipment. Provider of condition monitoring systems and sensors. Within its product catalog it has equipment that uses wifi technology, which allows us eliminate the cable between the sensors and the monitoring equipment.

Various technical specifications:

  • Condition Monitoring solutions. 
  • Techniques for shaft alignment. 
  • System alignment Rotalign Touch. 
  • Alignment systems. 


AREVA NP Services Spain SLU: Areva is a designer and supplier of nuclear plants. it has developed Condition and Diagnostics monitoring systems for equipment and industrial components. These systems are used not only its own plants but also in those designed by third parties. Within its catalog of Monitoring Systems, Areva has vibration monitoring systems for rotary machinery, pumps, motors, turbines, wind turbines, etc. Applications for any type of industrial process. One of its most relevant characteristics is its focus on highly distributed equipment or asset machinery. Areva is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of early detection systems for leaks in pipelines. These systems are of particular interest when the products being pumped are hazardous or pose some risk to the population or the environment.


AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings: AEGIS grounding rings can eliminate unwanted circulation currents through drive shafts and bearings, which may cause damage or decreased life of mechanical components. AEGIS rings provide reliable grounding of the drive shaft for small and large AC and DC motors, generators and turbines. The AEGIS rings are installed in both low and medium voltage applications, extending the service life of bearings.

Technical specifications:

  • AEGIS protecting rolling bearings manual 


National Instruments: Through our collaboration with National Instruments (NI), D & AS has developed monitoring and signal processing systems tailored to customer needs. The data processing capability provided by the LabView programming environment enables us to perform complex and specific data analyses for the study to be performed, regardless of the hardware with which that data was acquired. Furthermore, the flexibility of NI hardware allows us to customize the design of the data acquisition system so that it is perfectly adjusted to the specifications of the customer.


DMC-D4Vib: Leading company in the Portuguese predictive maintenance market DMC-D4Vib maintains a close alliance with D & A Consultoría y Soluciones SL, allowing both companies to offer a wide range of products and services. By fostering synergies between the two companies we have been able to offer products, inspection services, condition monitoring, root cause analysis, study of structures and supports, etc. at very competitive rates in the Portuguese and Spanish markets. The objective of this alliance is to penetrate transversely in both markets where we will be perceived as a single team.


Power-MI is a cloud-sited tool that allows to realize, organize and share predictive maintenance reports of industrial machinery in a very simple way. In addition, it processes and combines the large amount of data included in expert reports of various predictive techniques, making it clear and shared information that let you increase the performance and effectiveness of your organization.