Tests & Calibration

D&A has the necessary equipment to calibrate all types of accelerometers, velometers and relative displacement sensors. Similarly, we can calibrate and verify sensors, measurement chains and on-site data acquisition equipment. We can calibrate and verify, in-situ, monitoring systems supplied by us or by third parties. 

Our equipment enables us to simulate voltage, current and charge signals for the verification of the measurement chains; from amplifiers or proximitors to the data acquisition racks.

With our portable equipment, we can calibrate accelerometers, velometers (up to 800 g in weight) and relative displacement sensors. Different materials are available as test pieces for the calibration of relative displacement sensors.

Where piezoelectric sensors for checking the status of sensors are involved, we have equipment for measuring the insulation and capacity. Based on technical specifications, we can provide minimum acceptance criteria for these types of checks.

Check and repair (where possible) of electronic cards.

We develop dedicated calibration procedures relative to the service we are performing.


Test & calibration equipment I
Test & calibration equipment II