Vibrations Analysis

D&A specializes in services for measurement, analysis and control of vibration in industrial rotary and reciprocating machinery. The services offered by D&A cover the different phases of implementation of a predictive maintenance plan from the initial audit, selection of more suitable predictive techniques, implementation and monitoring of the predictive maintenance plan, etc; to the analysis of the root cause of failure in the machinery.

Gas Turbine

D&A has over 25 years expertise in vibration analysis, analyzing different problems related to vibrations in steam and gas turbines, diesel engines, diesel generators, pumps, compressors, turbopumps and turbogenerator units up to 1GW, etc.

In its analysis of the root cause of problems and breakdowns that occur in industrial equipment, D&A employs several techniques.

These techniques range from conventional vibration analysis techniques, such as determining vibrations in operation (ODS) or tests experimental modal analysis to data processing developed ad hoc for the specific problem under study. Analysis of transient start-ups and coastdown of rotating or reciprocating equipment or other more specific tests, such as measurement of torsional vibration or measurement of shaft power are other examples of advanced studies that both D&A’s experience and technology enable us to perform effectively.

The professionals at D&A have extensive experience working on-site in balancing rotating machinery and in aligning train axes.