D&A Consulting & Solutions SL  is an independent, privately owned Spanish company, created in December 2014.

The company’s activity is focused  on both the provision of specialized services in the field of measurement, analysis and control of vibrations and noise, as well as the provision of the necessary instrumentation to realize this purpose. Our ultimate goal is improving the reliability and availability of industrial assets machinery and production processes.

D&A’s technical services are oriented to the analysis of dynamic issues, and the study of physical phenomena, as well as optimization of the design of industrial equipment.

The provision, integration and maintenance of both the monitoring instrumentation of process parameters and condition monitoring systems are of particular relevance within the portfolio of D&A services. Integration involves designing and implementing customized hardware/software solutions.

The company operates in the area of power generation, namely oil, gas, manufacturing, laboratories, maritime transport and, in general, any industrial sector in which the availability and reliability of production equipment and processes is a necessity.

D&A is a company with professional experience in the fields of measurement and analysis of diverse signal types, such as vibration, strength, power, temperature, speed, etc. D&A is composed of professionals who offer verifiable experience  and contribute their professional commitment and availabilitly to the client and the solution designed.

Inevitably it is  human capital and enthusiasm for projects which are  deciding factors in our success. These are what differentiate us clearly from our competitors and are our principal tools.




D&A Consulting & Solutions SL applies a quality policy to all its work which seeks to meet the most demanding market requirements. Control mechanisms implemented by D&A processes can offer tailor-made solutions and services that best suit your needs, meeting both technical and financial requirements  with a clear benefit in terms of quality.

D&A currently enjoys the ISO 9001-2015 and TUV-NORD-CERT certification [].