System Monitoring Projects


Typically, a machinery asset condition monitoring project begins with the technical specification phase. It is followed by the design of the solution that best fits this specification, and then the selection of different hardware elements, which may come from one or multiple manufacturers. The implementation of the monitoring system is the next phase, which sometimes coincides with the final phase which consists of commissioning and training.

At D&A we participate in all phases of monitoring, if required by the client or the project. However, we also participate in isolated or concrete phases, depending on the needs in each case. In the design phase, the generation of good documentation in terms of detail, wiring and assembly plans, test procedures, etc. is essential to avoid delays and problems during start-up. For D&A, the start-up or implantation begins with the FAT factory tests (Factory Acceptance Test). Proper design of the tests will allow problems that may arise during the SAT (Site Acceptance Test)  to be anticipated before start-up tests. For us, these are aspects of special relevance in all the projects in which we are involved.



We are convinced that   it is the small details that make the implementation of a monitoring system simple and meet the objectives of a project, so we devote special attention to these.

The condition monitoring systems in which we work on can be large, such as the monitoring of the waterworks of the Victoria Falls in Zambia, with more than 70 channels; or small, such as the monitoring of one or two measurement directions in a bearing of a machine. In both cases, the quality of work as the fulfillment of the objectives of the project is a priority for the people at D&A. We do not establish differences between large and small systems, each one is given maximum dedicated attention.

Sometimes a project requires the design of a solution or the creation of a prototype tailored for the collection and evaluation of the data to be analyzed. At D&A we also assume this type of challenge. The integration of hardware components and software design solutions based on LabView are just one of the products that we offer to our customers for asset monitoring solutions and industrial processes.