“Senior Management D&A have implemented a Quality Management System oriented to meet our customer’s requirements and strive to exceed their expectations by promoting an internal culture based on service quality, safety and customer satisfaction”



The services subject to this policy are focused on rotative mechanical equipment according to  the performance of the following activities:


  • Diagnostic services and predictive maintenance testing services through non-destructive examination, particularly vibration analysis.
  • Developing procedures and protocols directed to the monitoring and control of mechanical equipment, in addition to MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE and DATA TREATMENT from measurement activities.
  • Development, installation and set up of condition monitoring systems.
  • Commercialization of the required equipment and machinery which is needed to carry out the activities mentioned above.


Our headquarter is located at C/Albasanz 49-51, Madrid (Spain), where we operate both nationally and internationally. Our services are carried out with our own means and human resources, except from very specific cases.

The Company Quality Policy Statement forms the basis for our commitment to:

– Achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing a global and  a high quality service based on values such as high specialization, response capacity, innovation and investment in technical means.

– Comply with the requeriments and commitments set with our clientes, as well as those aplicable regulatory and legal ones related with our activity, and those suscribed voluntary with third parties considered relevant. 

– Promote participation of workers at all applicable levels and functions by creating a pleasant work environment with the involvement of all staff, promoting training, awareness and motivation. 

Maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Development of strategic guidelines and set quantifiable objectives and goals in order to comply with the principle of continually improve our Quality Management System, by knowledge, processes assestment and by determining external and internal issues that are relevant to its purpose and its strategic direction and that affect its ability to achieve the intended results.



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