We say there is misalignment when the shaft sections on either side of a coupling form an angle with the axis of rotation. 

If the axis of rotation and the axis are parallel we speak of misalignment of parallel axes (offset). In the event that the axis of rotation and the axis are cut at a point, what is called angular misalignment will occur.

Precission system align


Correcting an alignment defect in a machine or component usually involves moving the elements located at one or another part of the coupling tenths or hundredths of a millimeter.

Axle alignment rotating machinery is a key factor in preventing possible problems from high temperatures, shaft cracks and / or couplings, increased levels of vibration, etc.

On the other hand, precision alignment of shafts will bring numerous benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Greater reliability.
  • Reductionin costs.
  • Maintenance intervals longer with corresponding benefit to the lifeof machine.
  • Financial Savings

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